s p s About Us

Saudi pipe systems company (SPS co.) Is one of the leading water pipe systems manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. It has successfully established its own factories in Jeddah industrial city.

SPS co. Products are manufactured according to the international standards and was satisfactorily awarded with an ISO  9001:2000.

SPS co. Policy states that: “sps is committed to excellence in supplying products and services of the highest quality with maximum regard and respect to the environment.”

Saudi pipe systems company (SPS co.) Is consisted of four (4) major manufacturing factories which are all located in phase 4 in Jeddah’s industrial zone area.

SPS valves factory :

This factory specializes in the processing and production of all types of valves, pipe fittings, pipe clamps and flanges, all of which are for essential usage for water, sewer, fire fighting systems and central air conditioning applications.

SPS foundry casting factory :

SPS foundry casting factory is the major producer of engineered casting of various metals – both ferrous & non-ferrous – such as cast iron, aluminum and copper. This factory has a fully automatic casting production line along with three (3) induction furnaces with a melting capacity of 2 tons per hour for each unit.


The factory is also outfitted with a complete shop of equipment necessary for pattern making, core making and finishing. It has also its own q/c laboratory which is run and supervised by competent, qualified and highly-skilled personnel and engineers.

GRP factory :

In the light of the continuing rise in the cost of steel pipes which have steadily increased over the past years and the numerous problems encountered during handling and installation as well as the problems brought about by unreliable joints, lining failures and corrosion, sps established a factory which produces the highest quality fiberglass reinforced polyester (frp) pipes. Its design philosophy is to provide products with suitable properties with the required margin of safety.


This will enable the pipe to perform satisfactorily after an extended period of operation (more than 50 years) under typical service conditions.

Polyethylene factory :

This factory has recently been established. It is a factory which has one of the most advanced production lines. It produces high performance polyethylene straight pipes (pe100) according to the international standards. Pe100 is commonly used for underground potable water and gas mains applications.


SPS warrants each SPS product to be free from defect in material and workmanship when the products are installed and used in accordance within application.


All the products are guaranteed for one year shipment, however damage due to incorrect storage, incorrect or installation will not be considered under SPS liability. SPS liability is limited to purchase item 115% of the purchase item.


  • SPS is a manufacturer that guarantees the quality of his products.
  • SPS has the reputation for reliability and a long history of satisfactory service.
  • At each and every stage in the manufacturing of our products, individual parts are checked and tested by our quality control department in order to maintain their high level performance.
  • Raw materials and parts are carefully selected and tested in our own laboratories to confirm our strict specifications. . Our Factory uses the most modern control systems and processing methods to produce valves, pipe fittings, pipe clamps and flanges. Radiography, spectrometer and hydraulic test are applied to assure the highest quality.
  • Our high level of production standard is confirmed through our signed license and agreement with DUKER one of the most prestigious pipe fitting and valve manufacturer in Europe.
  • Our products are widely accepted in local and international markets under the trade mark ”SPS-DUKER” for water works, waste services, air conditioning and irrigation. This includes Gate valves, BUTTERFLY valves, Check valves, Air valves, PRV and others.
  • SPS valves are coated internally and externally with an epoxy powder coating. They are tested in accordance with major standards, world wide.


  • SPS has adapted a very latest technology for valves after the intensive studies of the environmental requirements carried out throughout the Middle East.
  • SPS valves are manufactured for long life above and below ground installations.
  • SPS valve components are electrostaticaly coated with epoxy – polyester.
  • SPS valves have high adhesion to metal, high resiliency ( no cracking ) smooth surface and high impact resistance.
  • SPS valves pass through regular quality control testing that includes: coating thickness, adhesion, spark testing and impact resistance.
  • SPS valves are designed for easy maintenance which can be carried out internally without dismantling the valves.
  • SPS valve stems are manufactured from high quality, high strength, stainless steel for long life.
  • SPS Valves can be use in Sewerage and Water Waste Plant.
  • SPS valves are produced in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.



Acid Descale using ”DISC”

Diversify DISC is a phosphoric acid based material, formulated for the safe removal of rust from iron & steel and corrosion products from Aluminium incorporation at detergent system. DISC will remove light oil and shop dirt, making pre- cleaning prior to desisting up-necessary for most applications. This property also enhances penetration of scale and oxide, to promote rapid and efficient removal.


Cleaning, do-rusting and light descrying of steel stock. When used prior to painting, DISC leaves a surface that readily accepts paint or powder coating.

Two times fresh water rinse

Alkali degrease with duraclean 20

Duroclean 20 is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner, suitable for use on steel, brass and copper

Duroclean 20 has a unique blend of surfactants with outstanding wetting and penetrating properties which provide effective removal at lanolin based oils and greases. Many other contaminants, including oxidized grease and oils, are removed, on b0th soak and electro-cleaning operations.

Duroclean 20 conforms to British standard CP 301 2: 1 972.

Two times fresh water rinse

Iron phosphate using Novamux ”Diverphos F 687” Diverphos F687 is a formulated phosphate solution designed for the conversion of iron, steel, aluminum and zinc surfaces to a light weight iron phosphate coating. Diverphos F687 conforms to BS 31 89 type 4 and DEF STAN 03-11 class IV specifications. The phosphate coating will significantly improve paint adhesion characteristics and provide good corrosion resistance.

Diverphos F687 will tolerate lightly soiled purls and will clean and phosphate such parts in one stage.

Two times fresh water rinse


Powder coatings are ideal for ferrous and non ferrous metals, typical examples are valves and filings. Worldwide governmental controls on solvent emissions and other pollutants released into the atmosphere are rightly becoming more strict. They will continue to restrict the use of liquid paints containing volatile, toxic flammable solvents, which pollute the air we breathe. Powder gives a solid protective coating with decorative finish.


Before coating, we make the surface clean and free of contaminants. Where corrosion protection is a primary requirement we apply chemical pre- treatment.

Powder coated valves do not constitute a toxic hazard or give rise to unpleasant taste or odor. if, they get into contact with the potable water.

As an aid for finding what requirements should be for pre-treatment we can take the corrosion classes as our starting point.


Indoors with relative humidity under 60% Very little corrosion risk


lndoors in non-heated, well ventilated room. Little corrosion risk


Indoors with fluctuating temperature and humidity. Outdoors in inland climates, far from the sea and industry. Medium corrosion risk


In densely populated areas of near industrial areas. Above open water and near the coast.


Large corrosion risk


Contestant, high humidity. Near industry which manufactures or utilizes chemicals.


Very Large corrosion risk


On the basis of metal type and knowing the place of the product in the corrosion classes.


Therefore we consider that our product will be used in class E. Hence, we are using Shot Blasting process as well as chemical pre-treatment prior to a high quality powder coating